Viola Davis

Our WCW is the super talented Viola Davis. She is an American actress and producer. She is also the first black woman in history to be nominated for 3 Academy awards & the only black actress/actor to win an Emmy, Tony and Academy award.  Viola was on the 2012 Time magazine list as one of the most influential women in the world. This year (2017), she received her own star on the “Hollywood walk of fame”.

Viola Davis was born and raised in abject poverty in USA. She started her movie career starring in very small roles, sometimes only appearing in one scene of the movie. But that didn’t deter Viola as she always made sure that no matter how little the role, her performance was always memorable. She even got award nominations for some of her one scene performances.

Viola Davis has proven that with determination and hard work, we can achieve absolutely anything we set our minds on. She is a huge inspiration to everyone thinking that obstacles define their future.