Maya Angelou

Marguerite Annie Johnson also known as “Maya Angelou” was an American Author, Poet & Civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies & several books of poetry. During her lifetime, she received dozens of awards & several honorary degrees

Growing up wasn’t easy for young Maya. She was from a broken home and was sexually abused & raped by her mum’s boyfriend at the age of 8. He was later found guilty and jailed for one day, but four days later; he was murdered. Angelou became mute for 5years following that incident as she blamed herself for his death because she reported him to her family. It was during her period of silence that Maya developed a love for books & literature

As a young adult before her fame; Maya worked as a Cook, Sex worker, & Nightclub dancer among others. She also battled depression several times in her life, when she lost some dear friends

Maya Angelou’s several autobiographies are about her tumultuous times growing up and how she found the strength to move past those incidents to become the lady we have all come to love & respect

She is an inspiration to many, a hope to those who believe there’s nothing more to life & a lesson to everyone that we can all make “lemonade from the lemons life throws at us”