Gabourey Sidibe

Our WCW for this week is the super talented “Gabourey Sidibe” also known as “Becky” from the hit FOX musical drama series “EMPIRE”

Gabourey came into the limelight after playing the lead character in the movie “Precious”; for which she got an Academy Award nomination for “Best Actress” and Golden Globe nomination for “Best performance by an Actress”

She is often criticized because of her weight and she has been very vocal about her struggles with weight loss. Gabourey has stated that in the beginning of her career, she was advised to seek another profession as the movie industry is very image conscious. However, this didn’t deter her from staying on. Her determination & hard work paid off as she has won several awards for her performances in movies & TV series

Gabourey Sidibe has shown that hard work trumps look every time. Following your dream may cost you, but it usually pays off in the end.