Unless you have been living ‘under a rock’, you must have heard of OAP & Media personality, Toke Makinwa’s book ‘ON BECOMING”. Following her tumultuous relationship, marriage and break up with fitness expert, Maje Ayida; she decided to write a ‘tell all’ book documenting her life and the abuse she suffered in the relationship with her estranged husband.

Toke had a very aggressive media launch of the book and by the time, excerpts from the book were released; it was clear that it was going to ‘raise some dust’ and make some people really unhappy. Toke was quite open in the book and very detailed in the account of her relationship with Maje Ayida which ultimately tarnished his already frail public image. She received a lot of backlash from the public after the book was released; with people saying she had no right to drag Maje’s image ‘through the mud’ and her story was debatable since it was one sided. Well that didn’t stop Toke from further publicizing the book; after all she is no stranger to backlash from the media and general public. She maintained that her account of the events that took place is the truth and writing the book for her is a form of therapy as she needed to heal from all the hurt & shame Maje had caused her.

Well now as expected, Maje has a filed a lawsuit insisting that Toke discontinues further publicity and sale of the book;

According to The Cable, Maje through his lawyers in the UK and in Nigeria, have asked that she stops the sale of the book that was released in November 2016. Maje is also asking that copies of the books that have been sold should be retrieved.

The letter of demand sent to Toke on December 23rd also asked that she should stop sales of the book on Amazon and itunes as well as on other channels.

Apparently, Toke Makinwa is having none of it as she is currently in Ghana to promote the book