Sunday seems to be the day when most people remember their Religion. We go to the ‘Hospital ‘for a quick fix. We know we need it to survive the coming week but we forget that a ‘quick fix’ has never and will never help anyone.

Do you think that being religious for a couple of hours, once a week, is going to make all life issues go away? We think that by making  it to Church on Sunday morning in our Sunday best, lifting up holy hands in praise, with our Bible app intact (which by the way, hasn’t been used for about a week), followed by thought provoking and religious messages on BB,FB, Twitter, IG etc. .will make us appear Holy and have the Lord make all our worries go away. You all know, that doesn’t cut it! Who are you trying to fool? There’s a huge difference between being a Christian and being Religious. Wisdom is, knowing the difference and adjusting your mindset accordingly.  This post isn’t about to state which one is better than the other; this is about being sincere with ourselves. Because with sincerity comes the clear path to the truth and once on that path, people tend to do the right thing.

Understand that we all run the race of life on our terms. We are not in competition with anyone and as such there is absolutely no need for mindless comparisons and silly urges to impress one another. The only person that you should strive to be better than each day is you. Once we understand that, people’s opinions won’t matter. It’s okay to seek advice but before you do so, have a good idea of who you are. So many people are so busy listening to who people think they should be that at the end of the day, they never make it to who they ought to be. But I digress…

How will you feel if your child, spouse, partner, parents, friends or siblings reached out to you only once a week for their needs and spent the remaining days of the week not even acknowledging your existence?

HE can be reached every day, at anytime &anywhere… You chose only Sundays and HE is wondering, why wait that long to speak with ME? Our lives will be a lot easier if we made everyday a Sunday. There are just some relationships that cannot be taken for granted. Failure to cultivate them is death even in life.