Psychological Abuse, also known as Emotional Abuse can occur in any type of relationship; between parents & children, relatives, friends and love relationships.  People who are being emotionally abused never know until they are far gone. This is because of the ‘denial’ they experience given that most emotionally abusive relationships are caused by people very close to us.

It is important to note that, Emotional Abuse can happen to a male or female, it is not gender specific. The only challenge is that the world expects males to deal with it better than females. We will be focusing on Emotional Abuse signs in a love relationship:

  1. Abusers always make mean jokes and judge you negatively: They do this to erode your self esteem. When this is done repeatedly, you begin to think less of yourself & become more dependent on them. Basically, they will hurt your feelings & make you feel like it’s your fault and you deserve it
  2. Abusers make you doubt yourself: They will attack your clarity or statements by flat out denying an unpleasant situation you may have witnessed & tactically find a way to turn it against you; claiming that you have a poor sense of judgment
  3. Abusers like to dominate or control you: They like to choose your friends or dictate how you spend your time. They will criticize any decision you make that might cause you to be less dependent on them. They will also try to belittle you so that you always feel indebted to them
  4. Abusers like to punish you by withholding information: They may choose not to give you information about their whereabouts, friends, etc. but they won’t tolerate same from you. When you ask to know a few details, they consider you to be too nosey. They expect you to be satisfied with whatever level of affection given to you and make you feel like no one else will accept you the way you are
  5. Abusers constantly remind you of your failures & flaws: This is their way of keeping you on a short leash. They try to reduce your Self worth and make you believe that without them, you are nothing

These are just a few signs that indicate that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship and you need to flee. Sometimes the Abuser is not aware of their actions, so trying to explain or reason with them might proof futile. However, in cases where the Abuser admits their wrong and is ready to seek help, therapy usually helps to mitigate the issue

Emotional Abuse is just as harmful as Physical Abuse, if you notice some of these signs in your relationship; you may want to re-evaluate the importance of that relationship to you and seek help. Staying back & hoping it will get better, may end up doing you more harm than good.  When you tolerate Abuse, you enable the Abuser and that will ultimately lead to more Abuse

Speak up against Abuse, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Your Self Esteem is one of the major attributes that will help you through life; it is something you need to guard jealously.