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All great people have one thing in common; they have “determination”. Determination is the driving force of every dream

You cannot set out on a project without being fully convinced about it.  This will ultimately affect your level of determination

You must understand that on the path to greatness, there are many obstacles. There will be days when you will feel like you can’t get past the day. There will be times when all you seem to do is “fail”. There will be moments when “doubt” will be your constant companion. It is only “determination” that will put you right back on track

People will try to dissuade you from your dream. It’s not because they hate you, it’s because they don’t understand you. They can’t because it’s “your” dream not “theirs”

Do not be deceived into thinking that everything will work out as planned; life just doesn’t work that way.  You need to keep trying to get the desired results. It may take time, but that is the “learning curve” required to make sustainable success

Be determined to weather the storms that will come. Stay on the path as long as you are convinced that it will lead you to greatness. Embrace failure, it is never as bad as you think it is

Set a goal today and be “determined” to see it come to fruition. The end result of “determination” is always “success”. It will be worth it in the end.

Have a “determined” week ahead!




Life isn’t a bed of roses, it gets really tough sometimes. But you can choose to look past the storms, appreciate the rainbow and enjoy the sun. There is a measure of good in everything; you just need to find it

Life can be cruel; people are never what they seem to be. Selfishness is the order of the day. If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will be taken for granted. You need to be selfish & not let anyone push you over. If the world sees you as a bad person, so be it. After all, it is “survival of the fittest”

Life has a sense of humor. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, it springs up new surprises. Some of them not so pleasant but you have to learn to deal with them. The intricacy of life is what makes it so beautiful. The scars, the victories, the disappointments, etc… represent the true beauty of life. It’s a rare kind of beauty only seen by a select few; the few with an open & selfless heart.




Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel is the current and the first female Chancellor of Germany. In 2007, she was the President of the European Council and chaired the G8, being the second woman in history to do so. She has been twice named the world’s second most powerful person by Forbes magazine. She also won the Time magazine’s “person of the year” in 2015

Her foreign policy has focused on strengthening European cooperation and international trade agreements. She is currently described as the de facto leader of the European Union. Angela Merkel is the youngest German Chancellor since World War 2.

She is very opinionated and often times, it affected her approval ratings. But Angela Merkel isn’t one to back down on what she believes in. She has a huge passion for the unity of Europe

Her determination and consistency in carrying out her duties is the reason she is our WCW for this week.



The countdown is officially over!! The most anticipated debut album of the year from super talented and ace music producer & artiste; “Cobhams Asuquo” is out!!! The album dropped on the 12th of March as scheduled and we are giddy with excitement.

According to Cobhams, he’s been working on this album for 5 years and we can only imagine the perfection and depth of the songs. Cobhams is known for absolute excellence in his craft, so there are high expectations of this album.

The album comprises of 14 tracks and here’s the Tracklist:

  • Make our hearts
  • Here it is
  • Highly lifted (feat. Aaron Lindsey)
  • No one (feat. Nosa)
  • Oh how I love (feat. Claire Hendershot)
  • Let your kingdom come
  • For You
  • More of You
  • Glorious Deliverer
  • Here I Am
  • Ordinary people
  • Eyin Sa
  • Praise to the Lord (Claire Hendershot)
  • Angels all round

We can’t wait to listen to all the songs; not to worry, we will back with our review 🙂

The album is currently available on iTunes, Apple Music, MTN Music Plus, Spotify, Amazon Music & Google Play. Physical copies of the album will be available March 19, 2017.



Moving on after ‘emotional abuse’ is usually difficult but not impossible. Once you have scaled the big hurdle of leaving an abusive relationship, it is important to know how to ‘live again’. Here are a few steps to guide you on the journey to becoming whole again;

  • Forgive: You must learn to forgive yourself for allowing the abuse, and understand that it was not your fault. Try to forgive the abuser; this may be difficult but necessary. This is more for your own benefit than theirs. Once you forgive them, you are able to let go of the baggage of that experience. You don’t want to carry over that experience into the next relationship
  • Quit Self Blame: It is important to understand that it wasn’t your fault that you were abused. If you don’t have a healthy perception of yourself, you will never be able to give your best in the next relationship. Allow yourself to love & be loved
  • Appreciate the experience: Do not see the time spent in the abusive relationship as wasted time. Instead, treat that horrible experience as a learning curve. You learnt how ‘not to be treated’, you learnt ‘what not to tolerate’ and you learnt that you have the strength to walk away from anything that doesn’t contribute positively to your life. You are a survivor, celebrate!
  • Allow yourself time to heal: The healing process takes time, so allow yourself to go through that process because you deserve it. You do not have to explain this to anyone, take all the time you need. Take a break to reconnect with yourself, to love yourself beyond the hurtful experience. If you don’t heal completely, you may unknowingly transfer the aggression to the loved ones in your life. Take a break, you deserve it!
  • Be patient: Learn to give your new relationships the benefit of doubt. The fact that you were once hurt, doesn’t mean everyone is out to hurt you. Understand that people are different, and it’s okay to allow them express their differences. Do not anticipate abuse, help them help you. This may be difficult in the beginning, but being open about the past abuse in a new relationship could aid better understanding between both parties.



You have a dream, a dream so big that it scares you. The fear you feel doesn’t deter you, you have a clear picture; you know this is what you are born to do…

For some, they pursue this dream tirelessly; oblivious to the challenges they face. They know it must come to fruition; else their life’s purpose will not be complete

For others, they see the big picture but have no clue about how to start. They are unhappy with their current situation but do not know how to move to the next level

Whatever the situation, hold on to your dream; don’t let anyone dissuade you. If you’ve started working towards your dreams & there are challenges, keep on it. Take it one day at a time, it might be overwhelming sometimes but consistency is a sure path to success. Sooner than later, the challenges will succumb to your victories

If you are not sure of how to start, just start with whatever you have. Start with the idea, the plan, building networks, studying about it… just start. Nothing is too little, no action is insignificant. When there’s a vision, the provision is always available. Often times, it’s closer than you think

Get rid of the fears & apprehension, make a move. It’s not going to be easy but how else will that dream be achieved if you don’t do something about it?

We all have a unique gift that the world needs to see. Do not let your fears deprive you of the greatness within.

Always remember that you are exceptional! Come forward; show us the stuff you are made of, so that you can be celebrated

We wish you an exceptional week ahead with all our love.



What do we do? Who do we call?!!! They stood over his body, trying to figure out if he was still alive. Too scared to touch him, they continued to argue amongst themselves. They were not supposed to kill him

They couldn’t call the Police because they were scared of the questions that would follow. They also couldn’t call the emergency lines; they would have their contact details or trace the call back to them. This was supposed to be simple, how did it become so messy? The brief was to shake him up a little, and let him wallow in fear. They knew anything more than that would be deadly; he was more powerful that the lot of them put together. It was to be a minor shakedown but now he lay half dead on the floor. They wondered why he didn’t put up a fight

Before the incident, they had watched him for a while. They monitored his movements and studied his routine. They noticed that he was always armed with body guards around him. But they were patient, such assignments took time. There was no way they could leave without accomplishing their assignment; so they continued to watch him

But on this day, they noticed he wasn’t armed and his body guards were nowhere to be found. Excited, they decided to strike immediately; they knew any further delay would be dangerous. As soon as they approached him, he cowered like a weakling. All they did was ‘roar’ and he fell flat on the floor

Still confused, they wondered how a child of God would give in so easily to a mere threat from the enemy. Why didn’t he make use of the power within him?  Why didn’t he call for backup in the time of an emergency?




Here a few business etiquette tips that will help you in your work life to achieve a certain level of professionalism:

  • Turn off your gadget in meetings: When all phones & other distractions are turned off, people concentrate better on the meeting agenda, making the meetings more productive. Needless to say; it is disrespectful and unprofessional to have your phone ring right in the middle of a meeting. It doesn’t matter if the meeting is with your subordinates or superiors.
  • Arrive at meetings punctually: This applies to physical or virtual meetings. If you are the host, it is advisable that you are at least 5minutes early and for a guest; right on time is appropriate. If for whatever reason you are running late, an e-mail or a phone call to the other party is necessary to avoid having them feel stood up.
  • Bring your manners for business meals: When invited, do not go with co-workers except it is explicitly stated. During the meal, avoid making the conversation all about you; try to involve other business associates. Also, be careful with your alcohol intake; you don’t want to be caught having drunken business conversations.
  • Express gratitude: “Thank you” notes for a job well done, business well executed, a signed contract…etc go a long way in sustaining healthy business relationships with colleagues or clients. This could be in form of a handwritten note or concise e-mail.
  • Seek permission before inviting your ‘significant other’ to a business or work related function: It’s best to get clarification from the host rather than assume. It’s absolutely necessary to take into consideration the company’s plan or budget. It could also be an awkward situation for your partner; showing up for an event that is meant only for staff.
  • Be careful of what you write in official e-mails: If you are not comfortable with the information being broadcast to the entire organization, then do not use the official e-mail. Many people share jokes or personal information with their colleagues via e-mail, thinking that it’s confidential. But they forget that the office IT staff sees everything and the likelihood of that information being leaked someday is very high. It may be unprofessional for them to share such information, but it’s best to be safe than sorry.



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