Every now and then, people go through tough times in life but they eventually bounce back. Depression is much more than having a bad day or a bad moment. It goes way deeper than that and has severe consequences


  • FEELING OF SADNESS OR HOPELESSNESS: Nothing seems to cheer you up. You are in a state of complete indifference
  • IRRITABILITY OR ANGRY OUTBURSTS : The slightest action or incident, upsets you
  • LOSS OF PLEASURE/INTEREST IN NORMAL ACTIVITIES : Activities that used to excite you, no longer appeal to you
  • UNUSUAL SLEEP PATTERN: Some people have insomnia & are unable to sleep well. Others may begin to sleep too much as they see it as a form of escape from reality
  • CONSTANT TIREDNESS : Even the littlest tasks become cumbersome
  • CHANGES IN APPETITE: Most often, there is reduced appetite & weight loss. However in some cases, people tend to eat more than usual
  • SUICIDAL THOUGHTS & ATTEMPTS : The feeling of hopelessness, leads people to thoughts of ending their lives

If you have/experience any of the above symptoms; please speak to a loved one about it, try not to be alone but stay amongst friends or simply seek professional help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

There’s also a helpline in Nigeria for people who have suicidal thoughts: –

“+234 806 210 6493 or +234 809 210 6493”.  Please don’t be ashamed to seek help; every human life is valuable.