Jordan Smith won ‘The Voice’ USA season 9 in 2015 with his wonderful angelic voice. “Stand in the Light” is a single off his debut album and it is a song we can all resonate with.

Whatever happens in life, once you have decided to walk away; never look back. The ‘past’ is what it is but the ‘present’ is your opportunity to make your ‘future’ great. With courage and kindness, hold on to your faith and what you believe in.

Learn to leave sadness behind you, laugh everyday, appreciate the ‘little big’ things in your life, be the best ‘you’ you can ever be and always remember to give love; it can never be enough.

Stand in the light and be seen as you are, it may be the greatest risk you will ever take in life but being ‘you’ is way better than being a copy of someone else. Own you, be you.

We wish a ‘musical’ weekend!