The day was filled with ups and downs, deadlines to be met,  failed promises, lost opportunities, signed deals, a chuckle here & there, a little tear behind your sunglasses… life happened. You end the day wishing it was better, regretting some of your decisions, and wondering how you will ever make it through the next

Sounds familiar? We have all been there; wondering what the next day will bring. Dreading it, preoccupied with possible scenarios and totally forgetting about the many blessings we experienced. It is never ALL bad… Look inwards, you will find that little light no matter how dim telling you how ‘it all could have been worse’… Harness that light, dwell on it, and draw strength from it because it will help you get past the next day

As you go to bed tonight, dwell on the positives & ignore the negatives. It doesn’t mean that the ‘not so good’ things didn’t happen but make a deliberate decision to celebrate the good. You feed whatever you focus on and starve anything you ignore. It may hurt, it might not be easy but you have the power to change your state of mind. Always remember that in a few hours, days, months, years… some things won’t matter anymore and you will never get the chance to regain the time you spent worrying

Look for the good in every situation, and if you can’t find it; celebrate the fact that you are alive and tomorrow is another opportunity to make things right

Happiness is a choice!