Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked at me, I could tell that the pent up emotions were giving way. For the first time, I noticed her beautiful eyes; big, black eyes…looking into my soul. I wanted to look away, I willed myself to look away but I was transfixed. They were trying to tell me something and I yearned to know what it was

But as I stared at her, I noticed her imperfections. They were so beautiful, perfectly imperfect. I wondered why I never noticed them before. Her skin was so radiant, I could almost see right through her. She looked so soft and fragile, yet there was strength in her gaze. I could tell she had been through a lot but the optimism in her look could not be mistaken

The tears kept falling but she did nothing to wipe them. She didn’t make a sound but I could tell that there was chaos inside her. Her thoughts were so loud, that even the silence was deafening. It had been a long time coming. I could tell that she had been strong for so long but right now, everything was falling apart

I wanted to reach out to her, hold her, comfort her, tell her soothing words but I didn’t know how to go about it. I knew she didn’t want pity; all she wanted was to be understood. I wanted to tell her how much I understood but words failed me

Then something strange happened, she began to smile. A smile from deep within; that “knowing” smile showing that all will be well. My heart skipped a beat, I knew that look, and I had seen it before. I was going to scream and tell the whole world to watch out for the queen that was about to emerge. “This phase is complete”; she was moving on to the next one

I wanted to tell her how strong she was, how proud I was of her achievements and how amazed I was of her resilience and optimism; but I didn’t have to… because somehow, she already knew

I will forever be encouraged by the “woman in my mirror”

Have you spoken to the man/woman in your mirror lately?