Look at him all stuck up, thinking he’s God’s gift to women. We try to say ‘hello’ but he barely acknowledges our presence. Who does he think he is?

We see the nice cars, houses, gadgets… He is also handsome and seems to have it all. Still, that doesn’t give him the license to be proud

Every time he sees us, he just smiles and walks away. He seems to have forgotten that we went to school together. He probably thinks that he’s better than us; always in a hurry to leave our gathering. Henceforth, we are going to ignore him and have absolutely nothing to do with him

He looks at his friends, wondering if they will ever understand him

He yearns for their company but knows that he can’t sit with them. They have expectations of him that he can never meet

It is not because he doesn’t want to; it’s just so difficult to keep up appearances. How can he help others, when he needs help?

He hides behind his riches and puts on a mask everyday to go out into the world. He returns daily to the emptiness that no amount of riches can fill

He sits in his big house, surrounded by his loving family & yet, he is very lonely

He has given the society all that they wanted but what has the society done for him? He is the man with the “upside down’ smile behind the mask; suffering from the “Impostor Syndrome”. Who is going to save him from the “lie” that has become his life?

  • Impostor Syndrome: According to Wikipedia, it is a concept describing high achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments & a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud