What do we do? Who do we call?!!! They stood over his body, trying to figure out if he was still alive. Too scared to touch him, they continued to argue amongst themselves. They were not supposed to kill him

They couldn’t call the Police because they were scared of the questions that would follow. They also couldn’t call the emergency lines; they would have their contact details or trace the call back to them. This was supposed to be simple, how did it become so messy? The brief was to shake him up a little, and let him wallow in fear. They knew anything more than that would be deadly; he was more powerful that the lot of them put together. It was to be a minor shakedown but now he lay half dead on the floor. They wondered why he didn’t put up a fight

Before the incident, they had watched him for a while. They monitored his movements and studied his routine. They noticed that he was always armed with body guards around him. But they were patient, such assignments took time. There was no way they could leave without accomplishing their assignment; so they continued to watch him

But on this day, they noticed he wasn’t armed and his body guards were nowhere to be found. Excited, they decided to strike immediately; they knew any further delay would be dangerous. As soon as they approached him, he cowered like a weakling. All they did was ‘roar’ and he fell flat on the floor

Still confused, they wondered how a child of God would give in so easily to a mere threat from the enemy. Why didn’t he make use of the power within him?  Why didn’t he call for backup in the time of an emergency?