She tossed & turned… yet another year had gone by but her life still felt the same. There were a few physical changes in her body that reminded her that time had gone by but she still ‘felt’ the same. She willed herself to feel different, at least a little… but nothing changed. It was like she went to bed a year ago & only just woke up from a ‘sleeping spell’ to find out that it was a year later… or was it really a year later? She wondered…

She looked at the date on her mobile phone for the umpteenth time… She turned on her TV set; the clock at the top right hand corner further affirmed her fears. But why did it feel like time stood still in the past year? She pondered. Gradually, flashes of events began to cross her mind… She remembered waking up every morning to go to work, she remembered driving to work; but she couldn’t remember what she did at work

There was a picture of her and a man in the picture frame on her bedside table. She didn’t know who he was but they looked very good together. He is actually very cute, she chuckled. She gasped when she noticed that she had a wedding ring on her finger… How on earth did that get there? She got up to get some water from the kitchen but noticed she was in a strange house. “Where am I?” She whispered. “What has happened to me?”  She walked through the hallway, down the stairs to a beautiful sitting room that could only be hers in her wildest dreams.  Everything looked strange but felt normal.

Finally, she got to the kitchen and as she reached out to open the fridge; she saw a note clearly written by a little child “I love you mom” and just beside it was another note; “Out to the park with Stephanie, see you in a bit. Love, Tom”. Who is Stephanie? Who is Tom? She screamed!!!

Then she woke up and realized that it was all a dream. But a voice whispered to her saying “Now that you know the end, do not let any trouble or pain faze you”

So from that day, she began living her life with the end in mind…