Nigeria is currently going through an economic recession and in such situations, you have quite a number of people who lose their jobs or lack the basic resources to meet their daily needs. Good investments during such times are farfetched and almost non- existent. The gap between the middle class and high class widens, SMEs struggle to make an income; people generally begin to panic.

FREEDOM PROJECT is a business campaign that enables people who are ambitious to raise capital for personal projects by making a onetime minimal investment that will yield steady monthly returns. This innovative compensation system is structured to assist aspiring entrepreneurs, civil servants, corporate workers to build a sustainable and steady flow of income without hassle. Freedom Project is in partnership with Health conglomerates, Banks and capacity building organizations to provide training on how to build a sustainable multi-level marketing network system.

Basically, all that needs to be done is to make a onetime monetary investment that will immediately qualify you to take part in the capacity building sessions that will help sharpen your entrepreneurship skills and link you to several companies with products that could yield good margins. This one time investment also ensures that a certain interest will be paid to you monthly over a period of 6 months.

Freedom project is set to empower people to become entrepreneurs and also encourage corporate workers, to build another stream of steady income. Mr. Mike Adeyemi, CEO of Freedom Project is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully created multiple streams of income for himself with the help & partnership of multinationals globally. In the past 10years, he has consistently held training and capacity building workshops where he trains people on the huge investment opportunities abound and how they can take advantage of these opportunities.

Freedom Project runs daily business summits to educate people on how to invest wisely in huge business opportunities. They also offer networking events where people can meet with the representatives of the investment companies. This seminar is very important for all potential investors as they will be given detailed requirements needed to be a part of this scheme and the monthly interest rate figures obtainable. The business summits take place at No. 1 Awoniyi Elemo Street, Opposite Golden Destiny Hotel, Ajao Estate, Ikeja. All other contact details can be found in the e-brochure.

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The video below by the CEO FREEDOM PROJECT CAMPAIGN will give a concise idea of what Freedom Project Campaign has to offer:

Freedom Project believes in transparency and fulfillment of promises. It is time to build a new generation of successful entrepreneurs that will ultimately help in improving the economy.