James Ibori

James Ibori who was convicted of money laundering charges in the UK and served almost 5 years jail term has just returned to Nigeria.  He went straight to his country home in Oghara Ethiope West Local government area of Delta and was welcomed with a huge celebration.

A convicted felon, who served jail time, returned to a hero’s welcome in his hometown. It begs the question ‘what kind of a people are we’? How does a felon receive such a rousing welcome but someone who plans to protest the inadequacies of the government, receives a backlash? All because he has a not so good moral personal image… So, this person is despicable but a felon who stole from you is now a hero?

We need a complete paradigm shift in our thought pattern before any positive change can occur in this country. We sometimes act like sheep been led to the slaughter. We cry ‘wolf’ most times but condone atrocity when we perceive that it might benefit our selfish interest. For how else will any sane person celebrate a convicted felon and look to him for help?

Speaking outside Ibori’s home, Mr Ighoyota Amori, a former senator representing Delta Central said the return of Ibori was a good sign to the people. He said “We are happy that Ibori is back, people are jubilating, the crowd you see here and the enthusiasm that has been displayed today shows that we really missed him”

Enough said…