According to the Cambridge dictionary, the definition of ‘Consent’ is “permission or agreement”. In order words, I “let or allow you” or we “agree together” on something or a situation. It is also safe to say that anything other than the above definition is the direct opposite

There is absolutely nothing like ‘implied consent’ or an ‘implied yes’. It is best to seek explicit consent from the concerned party before proceeding with anything. This way, you will not be judged or berated for whatever outcome of the situation.  You will also completely avoid ambiguity as you have taken into consideration the other person’s views

In a situation where the other party is unable to respond to your request due to factors beyond their control, it is wise to refrain from moving forward with any act as that will be a complete violation of their human rights. No one likes to be taken advantage of, regardless of the situation; and this has nothing to do with gender. Everyone reserves the right to request ‘consent’ before an act is taken out on them. Anyone who believes that the right can be waived and ‘implied consent’ is acceptable in any situation; really isn’t worthy to be called a human being. Note again, there is no gender bias

It is such seemingly ‘little’ acts of incivility that gradually builds up to cause wars in our society or among nations. Seeking consent can never put you in trouble; the worst that can happen is that you hear a “NO”. However, when you don’t seek consent, no matter the situation; you are always going to be seen as guilty. Is it really worth the trouble? For a moment of satisfaction, you stand to lose a lifetime of possibilities. Think people!

Let’s save ourselves the trouble & drama; just ask and be prepared to take whatever response that may come your way. Sometimes a “NO” can save you from a lifetime of regret.