I decided to take a walk down memory lane; it’s amazing how far I have come. I thought back to the times when I was sure certain situations would kill me; but I am still standing. I struggled for a long time; struggled to understand my life’s purpose. Every time I thought I had found it, I was quickly reminded that it was still a long way off; or so I thought

I remember when I thought I had life all figured out; as though I was promised tomorrow. I would sit hours, making plans on how I would take over the world. I would put my facts & figures together & be convinced that I had the power to make things happen. My mindset was not the problem; the real issue was staying the course. Often times I’d try out my plans & they would fall flat. When that happened, I usually lost hope. With failure entrenched in my mind and rejection all over my face; I would force myself to try something new

It was much later in life that I realized that to achieve my goals; I had to do the work. The work wasn’t a onetime event; I had to keep at it despite all odds. All I needed was the conviction & passion to pursue my goal. Many years down the line, I realize that I have been chasing shadows while reality stared me in the face

If I could be real for a moment; I’d tell you that the answers we seek are right in front of us clothed as problems/stumbling blocks.