“You see a man diligent in his work; he will stand before kings”

You have toiled all night & you are yet to receive the fruit of your labor. It feels like you are working in vain. It’s like the more you work, the higher the bills. You are tired emotionally and though you keep pushing forward; deep down you’ve lost the will power to continue

We have all been there at some point in our lives. However, the truth is that; it will pass. No matter how horrible you feel, no matter how bleak you think the future is; the situation will change someday. The least you can do is get up every day & “show up”. Concentrate on taking one step at a time. You may have a long road ahead but the race is not to the swift. Walk that road at your pace. Sooner than later; you will get to the end of it

Keep moving & someday you will wake up to realize that the world around you has changed.

We wish you a “progressive” week ahead with all our love.