According to the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed through a statement released on Thursday 29th December; 40 new SUVs were recovered from a former Permanent Secretary who singlehandedly appropriated the vehicles to himself when he left office.

The question is how such an act was perpetrated without due process. Or how does one person make such a decision without raising eyebrows or acting in tandem with accomplices? This clearly shows a huge defect in the system and this “nameless” Permanent Secretary could not possibly be the first or only one to perform such a dastardly act. Where is the EFCC when you need them? or is this just one of those “flash in the pan” stories that are released to distract Nigerians from real issues which will ultimately be swept under the rug.

As long as this Permanent Secretary remains nameless and is not ‘brought to book’ publicly, it will continue to remain ‘business as usual’ for our corrupt politicians. It is absurd to tell Nigerians to ‘tighten their belts’ in the face of an economic recession when the real leakages are from those who ought to protect our interests.

We appreciate the work being done to apprehend looters but it is not enough to announce the discovery of fraud or corruption without the necessary prosecution. This Permanent Secretary suspected he would get away with the ‘stealing’ of 40 SUVs and I am afraid he just might be right.